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hi! me llamo alicia. i am a bilingual multihyphenated artist interested in all kinds of realms. 

from stage design and digital art, to directing, producing and managing shows, ocassionally taking photos and drawing, some poems here and there and everything in between. born in boston, but raised in the beautiful  dominican republic, i’m a proud latinx collaborator and i’ve had the opportunity to work in television and live events along side my mother, starting as a cue cards writer and holder at the age of ten.

ever since then, I’ve had the opportunity to venture into so many fascinating roles and i quite honestly love jumping around. every person i meet, no matter the role, fuels my future work. my current favorite color is electric blue, i love my cat ollie and boba is elite. 

i am a graduate of NYU tisch drama’s production and design studio (wooho!) where I studied scenic design and stage management with a minor in digital art and design. i hope you find something you like in this digital archive.

for getting this far, here’s a forever flower for you! ︎︎︎

paciencia y fe xx

email me at alicabtuk@gmail.com

︎ @alicabtuk